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Kitchen is done!

From planning to finish, it was 2 years. Google Sketchup was key to the planning phase. Having the right tools was paramount to construction and having a patient wife helped quite a bit as well. We knocked down the wall dividing our tiny kitchen with the dining room and replaced it with a half wall making the kitchen 16″ wider. It made a huge difference as the video will show. We did not do the electrical or the sheetrock but we did the rest.

Before and After

Back from Boston and Dublin


This is a real picture…no photoshop. Taken by my brother-in-law, Alan Clinton, in a remote area of Ireland.

Our excuse for going was the Navy-Notre Dame Football game…so much for that. We made it to Edinburgh Scotland. Scotland is definitely worth the visit if you’ve never been. The weather was colder than expected but the Guinness made up for it. It was great to see family and friends.

I’ve posted to albums, one of Boston and one of Ireland.

A Beautiful Day at the Zoo

A perfect San Diego Day in Memphis TN! Unfortunately, these days last about 2 weeks and then our brutal summer begins. The Memphis Zoo is well-maintained and worth the trip if you ever come to Memphis.
DSC 0010