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What gun cleaning kit is good?

I need to purchase a good gun cleaning kit for my dad for fathers day. I am looking fo a kit that would have multiple caliber sizing for cleaning. I need it in the 40 to 75 dollars. Thanks. If you could leave a link or something that would be great!!

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Lance T answered 1 year ago
While most cleaning kits you will find in stores are decent enough, I’ve found that the best kits are the ones pieced together for personal preference.

I tend to stay away from break down sectional cleaning rods. One piece cleaning rods are much better, most kits will only come with break down rods. Also, any cleaning rod used should be brass and not steel. Also, any cleaning rod you use should be brass. Brass is a soft metal and wont damage the firearm. So a one piece brass rod would be the best.

You will also want to get patches. Most cleaning kits only have enough patches for about 5-10 cleanings tops. Patches are the little squares of cloth that you use to run cleaner and lube down the barrel and chamber. A big bag of them is cheap and will only run $6-10$ most places. They are usually sized according the caliber of the barrel.

One of the best cleaning tools in the world is a bore snake. They run between 15$-20$ but they are caliber specific, so you would need to know what calibers he owns/shoots. Some of course can be used for more than one caliber, for instance a .22lr and 5.56/.223 Remington would both use the same. These things aren’t just handy, they work much better than any rod.

A good stiff bristled brush will usually only run $3-6$ at any gun shop. Buy stiff plastic bristles, not brass or metal. Brass brushes are useful once in awhile, but not really NEEDED.

Most cleaning kits, like the hoppes kit, will come with their own brand of cleaner/oil. While they aren’t bad, they are far from the best. I’ve found the best all around cleaner for the price is Break Free CLP. It works very well for just about any gun. Ballistol is another good choice if it’s available. CLP stands for cleaner/lubrication/protection. Which means you only need one bottle in the kit, rather than multiple solvents and lubes.

If he owns an AR-15, you may want to pick up a chamber brush as well. Its handy, and usually runs about $10. Brass scrapers are useful for AR-15s, but also a luxury item not everyone uses.

A set of gun cleaning picks are also useful, and usually under $10, but not something I would call a must have.

So to sum up. To put together a useful kit with things he will use, I would pick up

-1 piece brass cleaning rod, with the attachment for use with patches. Things like brushes and swabs can always be bought later if he chooses to do so
-Break Free CLP
-Extra patches
-A couple of bore snakes in whatever calibers he shoots most
-A stiff bristled brush, plastic
-A set of cleaning picks if you have money leftover

Seriously, bore snakes ROCK. Best cleaning item for the money hands down.
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robert answered 1 year ago
Well Otis is topshelf stuff, so expect top dollar as well. Buy for $75 you can creat your own kit as well.

hoppes number 9 or CLP
boresnakes( in your calibers)
Q tips( works wonders) the long ones are best
Dental pick( absolutly a must for rifles/shotguns)
Soft Cloth
Empty case for putting it all in
barrel rods or rod

Plus if you make it yourself wouldnt your father appreciate the effort?
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Mr.357 answered 1 year ago
I like the Hoppes kit. The oil with WeatherGuard is great.
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jr answered 1 year ago

Just about every brand makes a very good cleaning kit that you can get for that price. I know you wanted something more specific, but if you will visit Cabela’s or Bass Pro you will see several great choices. If your dad will be cleaning rifles I strongly suggest a one piece coated rod as an add on. They are the best for your barrel. The Otis pull through system is a great way to go, but it is non traditional.