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You may view current Bid Pack information, specific to your base and seat, by clicking on the links in the left hand column of the Monthly Bid Input web page.

Remember, your bid is not considered complete until you receive a confirmation screen with a reference number

Special Bid Line Codes:
9950 Any Normal Line
9952 Any Secondary (VTO) Line
9954 Any Reserve Line
9970 Highest Pay Norm Line (BLG + C/O)
9980 Highest Pay Norm Line (without C/O)

9970 is a bid for all normal lines based on total credit (BLG + carryover).
9980 is a bid for all normal lines excluding lines with carryover.

Enter Line Numbers and/or Bid Line Codes for your bid preferences, enter “THRU” between two Line Numbers to indicate a range of bid choices: