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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Anne has officially passed her citizenship exam by INS so I guess I’m stuck with her for years to come.
Ben is enjoying his preschool (more this year than last) and Lilly is always happy as long as she is the center of attention. Heather has finished another semester at Auburn. All in all, life has been good to the Deranian family.

Happy New Years Everyone! Next year will be a very good year.


Happy Easter!

Lilly and Ben continue to grow and grow. Heather will be home in a few shorts weeks. Of course, more pictures are posted. A Beautiful, quiet weekend.


Merry Christmas Everyone!

We continue to be blessed in Memphis. Heather is enjoying Auburn, Ben is a happy 2 year old that gets into everything, and Baby (in the oven) should be here at the end of January or early February. We are certainly not bored! Here’s a quick clip of Ben being Ben.

If anyone happens to swing through Memphis, please don’t hesitate to come visit.